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A Quick Guide On How To Change Folder Icon On Mac


How To Change Folder Icon On Mac: Frequently, we sign in to our frameworks just to find numerous applications besieged in the work area, representing an issue finding our ideal envelope rapidly. While recognizing your necessary organizer can be testing, you can think about changing your Macintosh’s envelope symbols to remember them at a pace of bunches.

Changing Macintosh envelope symbols is a basic and bother-free cycle. We have examined two productive ways of altering your Macintosh organizer symbols to facilitate your concerns. So remain tuned to figure out how to change envelope symbols on Macintosh for a custom Macintosh operating system look and feel.

How To Change Mac Folder Icons Smoothly

While you might find changing organizer symbols on Macintosh problematic, here are the two easy methods for assisting you with directing with the speedy interaction. So remain tuned to really take a look at every one of them.

Solution 1: Change Folder Icons On Mac Using Folder Colorizer For Mac

Envelope Colorizer for Macintosh can be your prescribed pick to quickly change your Macintosh’s organizer symbols. All things considered, it has acquired huge prevalence among document the board applications because of its basic point of interaction and usability. Aside from conveying gigantic elements, it additionally offers you custom choices to make your favored envelope symbols.

Utilizing this application, you can change your envelope symbols in four ways: Change organizer tones, Add an Emoticon, Add a Decal Sticker and Add a Picture foundation to your envelopes. In particular, this phenomenal programming offers a free preliminary variant with every one of its elements to give its clients an exhaustive understanding into its contributions. So how about we investigate the brilliant features of this product.

Notable Highlights Of Folder Colorizer For Mac

  • Provides multiple custom options
  • Provides endless combinations
  • Enables to choose among 30 color options
  • AI Magic recognizes the folder to offer the best custom suggestions
  • Changes color for multiple folders at a click
  • Preserves the history of each step
  • Allows reverting to an original image anytime

Step-By-Step Guide To Using Folder Colorizer For Mac

Step 1: Download And Install The Folder Colorizer For Mac App

To begin with, download the Envelope Colorizer for Macintosh on your Macintosh PC and send off it. Then, enter your email ID to get the initiation key and begin immediately.

Step 2: Drag And Drop A Folder

Subsequent to setting the application, simplified any organizer from your Macintosh to the Envelope Colorizer for Macintosh programming, on the other hand, you can likewise choose your Macintosh’s organizer symbol by tapping the + symbol in the left sheet.

Step 3: Color Your Folder Icon

Presently hit the Varieties Display in the toolbar and pick any of the accessible variety choices to change your Macintosh’s envelope symbol.


In the event that you don’t find a shade of your decision in the accessible range, you can utilize the Variety Picker Board to pick any shade of your inclination. For instance, to open the Variety Picker Board, tap the Pen symbol in the menu bar and make your tweaked variety.

the menu bar and create your customized color.


That is all there is to it. Changing the shade of your Macintosh’s organizer icon was simple. Isn’t that so? Presently, assume you are pondering changing your organizer symbols on MacBook by involving the Envelope Colorizer for Macintosh application. All things considered, you can pick its tweaked choices, such as adding emoticons, a decal sticker, or a picture foundation.

How To Use Custom Options Of Folder Colorizer For Mac

Follow the underneath given manual for add emoticons, decal stickers, or picture foundations to your envelope symbols.

1. Add an Emoji

Click the Systems Gallery next to the Colors Gallery in the top menu bar, and select an emoji for your folder icon.


2. Add a Decal Sticker

Click the Decals Gallery next to the Systems Gallery in the top menu bar. Next, select a decal sticker for your folder icon.


3. Add an Image Background

Click the Images Gallery next to the Decals Gallery in the top menu bar. Next, select an image background for your folder icon.



Additionally, you can likewise make topical organizers in view of their items. At long last, see the progressions in the left sheet continuously while changing your Macintosh’s envelope symbols.

Solution 2: Change Folder Icons On Mac Manually

Luckily, your Macintosh PC allows you to change your organizer symbols, as well. Nonetheless, you should recollect that the interaction may be time and exertion consuming, comprising of numerous means. So here’s a convenient technique on the most proficient method to change organizer symbols on Macintosh physically:

Step 1

Open Finder and navigate to Applications. Right-click the folder for which you want to change the icon.

Step 2

Right-click and select the Get Info option in the menu that opens. Alternatively, you can press the Command+I keys.


Step 3

Select the folder icon in the Info Dialogue box at the top-left corner.


Step 4

If your newfound icon has a .icn extension, then drag and drop the icon on the selected folder icon. Alternatively, if your icon has a .png or .jpg extension, you must double-click it to open it in Preview.


Step 5

Now tap or press the Command + A keys to select the icon. Click the Edit option in the Preview menu bar. Next, tap Copy in the Edit Menu.


Step 6

Finally, with the selected folder icon (in Step 3 above), press the Command+V keys to paste the new icon in the folder Info window.

You should close and return the application to see the progressions in the Dock. Your envelopes and docs ought to refresh right away.


While changing your folder icon on Mac can be challenging, we have already guided you with effective and practical solutions. For example, Mac does provide you with a handy option to change your folder icon manually.

However, the Folder Colorizer for Mac can be your best choice if you want to explore more customized options. Its simple interface is beginner-friendly that lets you customize multiple folders with a click.

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