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How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Device With GBWhatsApp Pro


Might it be said that you are yearning to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on your double SIM cell phone? Assuming running two separate WhatsApp accounts on a solitary gadget continually enters your thoughts, then, at that point, you’re only one stage away from transforming that fantasy into the real world. With GBWhatsApp Ace, you can easily deal with various WhatsApp accounts without the requirement for a WhatsApp Business account. Whether you have two distinct portable numbers or just believe that the adaptability should utilize the two numbers on WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Genius is the arrangement you’ve been searching for. This easy to use application offers a clear establishment process, permitting you to make another WhatsApp account utilizing your optional portable number. Assuming you’re prepared to begin, we should dive into the accompanying advances that will direct you towards setting up your second WhatsApp account on GBWhatsApp Expert. Prepare to encounter the comfort of overseeing two WhatsApp accounts on a solitary cell phone.

Step 1: Download Latest GBWhatsApp Pro On an Android Phone

The most important phase in the process is to download the latest variant of GBWhatsApp Expert.

button-Download GBWhatsApp Pro

The connection gave will take you to the latest form of the application, which incorporates a great many highlights, for example, WhatsApp subjects, customization choices, protection settings, and widespread functionalities. This rendition professes to offer a marvellous WhatsApp experience that surpasses your previous encounters. Download the application and make sure to save it in a spot that you can without much of a stretch carve out whenever it’s opportunity to introduce it.

Step 2: Install The Recently Downloaded GBWhatsApp Pro APK

After you have effectively downloaded GBWhatsApp Genius APK on your gadget, the accompanying step is to introduce it utilizing the default establishment strategy. We have given a nitty gritty system recorded beneath to make the establishment interaction more straightforward for you. Following these means will permit you to introduce GBWhatsApp Ace rapidly and easily.

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your smartphone, then select the Security section.

Open-Settings and Open-Security-Option

Step 2. Choose the Unknown Sources or Third-Party Installation toggle by scrolling down. Look for the Privacy section as shown below if you are using a Xiaomi phone.


Step 3. To enable the installation of third-party apps like GBWhatsApp Pro APK, toggle this option on. For Xiaomi phones, you might need to go to Special Permissions > Install Unknown Apps and turn on it specifically for the File Manager app.

Install-From-Unknown-Sources and Allow-Unknown-Sources-Installation-For-File-Manager-App

Step 4. Now search for the GBWhatsApp Pro APK file in the File Manager app on your phone.


Step 5. Once you’ve found the file, tap on it, and then on the following prompt screen, click the Install button.


Stand by without complaining during the establishment cycle until you have gotten the choice to open the application and see the warning that “Application Introduced Effectively” is shown. Since the establishment has been finished, now is the ideal time to continue to the following stage all the while.

Step 3: Create Your Second WhatsApp Account Using New Number

Presently it is the right time to continue with the last step of confirming your new WhatsApp account or starting your second WhatsApp account. Follow the bit by bit methodology beneath to rapidly and productively check your WhatsApp number. Try not to delay, move began immediately and guarantee your WhatsApp account is ready to go in the blink of an eye!

Step 1. Start the verification procedure for your new or second WhatsApp accounts by opening the GBWhatsApp Pro APK on your phone.

Step 2. Accepting the terms and conditions will ensure a smooth changing; simply tap the green “Agree and Continue” button.

GBWhatsApp-Pro-Agree-and-ContinueStep 3. Enter your second number or the new number acquired for your second WhatsApp account after selecting the region.


Step 4. Press the green Next.

Step 5. The selected number will appear in a verification window. Check the number twice before you press “OK” to start the verification process.


Step 6. GBWhatsApp Pro will ask for permission to access your messages in order to capture the OTP (One Time Password). You can either click “Continue” to allow this or “Not Now” to enter the OTP manually.

Step 7. Enter the OTP sent to your second WhatsApp number through text message.

Step 8. To validate the provided OTP, click the green “Verify” button.

Step 9. Because you are creating a new WhatsApp account, no backup will be available. As a result, when prompted by the backup finding window, click “Not Now.”

Step 10. Allow the final permission asked by GBWhatsApp Pro, i.e., Contacts.


Step 11. GBWhatsApp Pro will provide you a notification announcing you that you are currently using a modified version of WhatsApp. To acknowledge, click the “OK, GOT IT” button.

Step 12. By selecting the “Next” button, you can enter your name and, if wished, upload your profile picture.

Step 13. Finally, you’ll see a familiar WhatsApp interface, albeit with a few slight variations and a number of new features.


You have now obtained the choice to use two unique WhatsApp accounts on a solitary gadget by effectively finishing the past cycles as a whole.

Your first or official record will keep on working inside the authority WhatsApp application, while the subsequent record can be gotten to through the GBWhatsApp Master application interface.

Partake in the straightforwardness of overseeing two WhatsApp accounts from the solace of your gadget. Blissful visiting and finding the vast conceivable outcomes!


We investigated GBWhatsApp Ace’s consistent arrangement, which permits clients to saddle the force of two WhatsApp accounts on a solitary gadget. You may effectively set up and oversee two separate WhatsApp accounts, each with its own remarkable experience, by following the bit by bit processes gave in this article. You can utilize various telephone numbers, access progressed customization elements, and experience expanded security settings with GBWhatsApp Master. This proposals up a universe of opportunities for individuals who need to isolate their expert and confidential interchanges or keep up with numerous WhatsApp represents different purposes.


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