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Max Muscato

Max Muscato Captures the Enormity of the Struggle with Vices on “Toxic and Poison.”

Max’s music is an entrancing fusion of various influences, blending the soulful vibes reminiscent of John Mayer, the electrifying energy akin to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the irresistible hooks reminiscent of Nickelback. With his dynamic guitar skills and captivating melodies, Max has crafted a distinct sound that profoundly resonates with audiences, leaving an indelible impression.


Throughout Max’s awe-inspiring musical journey, his self-taught talent has served as a testament to his remarkable abilities. Despite lacking formal training, he has diligently honed his skills and shaped his unique musical identity. While Max acknowledges his father’s role in inspiring his love for music and nurturing his passion, it is genuinely his innate talent and unwavering dedication that has driven his musical accomplishments.

When embarking on songwriting, Max always begins by immersing himself in the music itself. If the melodies and chords fail to captivate him, it becomes challenging to proceed with the lyrics. Once Max discovers the perfect musical foundation, he profoundly connects with the emotions it evokes, skillfully translating them into profound and meaningful lyrics. While some songs effortlessly flow from within, others demand years of refinement. Max wisely seeks a brief respite in moments of artistic struggle before returning with a fresh perspective. Through years of unwavering dedication and self-discovery, Max has unearthed his unique voice, striving to create a profound resonance with his listeners.

Max’s song, “Toxic and Poison,” has amassed an impressive 160,000 streams on Spotify and garnered 100,000 views on YouTube, serving as a testament to his undeniable talent and magnetic appeal.

Choosing a gigantic, sprawling setting for “Toxic and Poison” feels ideal, as Max Muscato expresses the pure anguish of the conflict as he pleads into the microphone. The band is in tune with each other, as the fiery passion on display is appropriate for a harrowing exploration of vices. He mentions how much he desires to give in to these temptations but wants to be delivered from sin.

The massive lights in the background represent all those late nights out in the town, where any vice is easily and readily available. The tricky part is to go out and avoid succumbing to any of these. Being with friends is great, but it depends on the friend group. Some people enable each other to follow their worst impulses. Other groups might be strong enough to help someone feel weak. With the video, they show the anguish of what this decision feels like. They gesticulate, representing a bit of the freewheeling arena-filling style of the Red-Hot Chili Peppers, and their body language adds to the message. By refusing to make it easy to find inner peace, the whole band is at the same pain level as Max Muscato, unable to decide what exactly to do, resulting in gnarled distorted riffs, massive hits on the drums, and an overall sense of uncertainty.

Max Muscato offers a straightforward, unvarnished look at the struggle to stay clean, to manage one’s life properly on the tremendous “Toxic and Poison.”

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