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Parsec Video Game Streaming And Sharing Software For Windows 2023

Parsec Video Game Streaming And Sharing Software For Windows 2023

Parsec 64-bit for Windows PC works simply as a screen-sharing technology. You either share your screen with yourself (remotely), with your friends (for co-op), or with gamers around the world (to play your favorite games).

A host is characterized by the PC/framework facilitating or sharing the game. The host handles the video game being played and the players associated with it through the web. This Computer game Streaming client(s) are different PCs/frameworks associated with the host. Completely clear 60 FPS intuitive web-based and cloud gaming administration tweaked for gaming and ideal for all the other things.

With the Parsec stage, you can play any multiplayer game with anybody on the planet with very low slack. Play any game online without agonizing over buying into online administrations and which stage and equipment you and your companions use.

In the Arcade, it makes it simpler to track down somebody to play your #1 games with. A matchmaking administration assists you with playing neighborhood multiplayer games online with anybody anywhere on the planet.

Parsec Video Game Streaming Software For Windows Features

  • Cooperative: Indie games, retro, emulators, or even AAA. There is no better feeling than that couch experience.
  • CAD & Graphics: This is the perfect remote desktop tool for CAD, graphics, video editing, and more!
  • Listen To Music: Listen to music at the same time. No hassle. For some reason, nobody has made a better solution.
  • Versus: Play your favorite fighting games or just 1v1 me bro, no items, FD, Fox only.
  • WFH: Travel? Work? Access your computer for anything you need on the go, any time.
  • Watch Videos Together: “Wait, why I didn’t think of that before?” This is not the first time we have watched The Office like this.
  • Problem-solving: Need some troubleshooting? Let a friend take control and help!
  • Community: Join or host tournaments! Matchmaking in offline multiplayer games has never been easier.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Enable hosting feature Not t possible to host in Windows 7
Handy tool for your work productivity
Do fun activities virtually with friends
Possible with hardware-accelerated decoding

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, and 10 Video
o Card AMD cards that support VCE (Video Coding Engine) and are running the latest drivers.


  • Moonlight.
  • AnyDesk.
  • TeamViewer.
  • Steam.
  • Remotr Streamer.
  • Technical Specifications
Version Parsec Software For Windows V 150-74
File Size 10 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Parsec Cloud, Inc.


On the off chance that the possibility of computer game real-time feature/cloud gaming checks the appropriate boxes for you, then you ought to check Parsec out. At its center, Parsec is an intuitive video web-based application/administration, yet for gamers, it tends to be far beyond something theoretical.

Besides the fact that you play can games somewhat on your gaming laptops, however, you can likewise interface with a companion’s gaming rig if you don’t need cash to possess one. You can likewise share the experience by permitting your companions to mess around utilizing your PC or play with them one next to the other, which makes for incredible co-play learning situations. This, with no trade-off in regards to streaming quality.

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