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How To Check Online Friends On GB WhatsApp Being Offline

GB WhatsApp, the changed variant of WhatsApp, gives clients inconceivably progressed elements and customization choices. One such component that stays obscure to many is the capacity to check online contacts while seeming disconnected.

With it, you can easily follow who saw your status, came on the web, or refreshed their profile. Naturally, the web-based settings for contact Toast are debilitated in GB WhatsApp. Nonetheless, empowering this web-based companion and contact tracker is a direct interaction that can be effectively achieved by following a straightforward aid.

GB Whatsapp

If you’re new to GB WhatsApp and new to its usefulness, this article will act as a far-reaching guide on the most proficient method to utilize it successfully. Investigate the astonishing elements of GB WhatsApp and upgrade your informing experience today.

It permits clients to screen the internet-based status of contacts inside the application, offering valuable data about their accessibility.

With GB WhatsApp, clients might communicate more than 30 photos on the double, permitting them to easily share a bigger assortment of photographs.

Partake in the force of customization with GB WhatsApp’s custom subjects usefulness, which permits clients to customize their informing experience to their inclinations.

It offers a large number of dialects, permitting clients from different phonetic starting points to involve the application in their favored language.

Guide To See Online Friends On GB WhatsApp

The contact online toast choice in GB WhatsApp gives clients various sub-choices to work on their experience. You might change choices like enacting sound notices and situating the toast alert on your Android screen. You can essentially investigate and design this great component inside the application by following a basic walkthrough. Open GB WhatsApp’s maximum capacity and exploit its modified choices.

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of GB WhatsApp on your Android device.

Assuming that you’re now a GB WhatsApp client, guarantee that you have refreshed the application to get to its most recent high-level elements. You can allude to our aide on the most proficient method to refresh GB WhatsApp for help with the update interaction.

Step 2. Open the its application and tap on the three dots located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3. From the options menu, navigate to the “GB Settings” section.

GB settings optionStep 4. Within the GB Settings menu, locate and select the “Main/Chat Screen” option.

chat screen optionStep 5. Look for the “Contact Online Toast” option and tap on it.

Step 6. Once the “Contact Online Toast” option is open, check the box next to “Show Contact Online Toast.”

Show Contact Online Toast


It offers customers a range of features and functionalities that outperform the official app. If you are concerned about the app’s security, you may use our guide to find out if it is safe to use. Many users are unaware of the GB WhatsApp’s secret options, modifications, and features. The contact online toast is one such hidden feature that lets you see if someone in your contact list is online without having to be online yourself. Furthermore, you can examine their last seen status, and profile changes, and even determine if someone has viewed your profile. Unlock the full power of GB WhatsApp by exploring these hidden features that will improve your messaging experience.

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