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How To Lock A Specific Chat In WhatsApp


Lock-Particular-ChatThe application’s innate lock and open component doesn’t allow you to get or hide unequivocal discussions. To stay aware of security and disguise a specific correspondence, clients are confined to recording it, which is the fundamental decision introduced inside the application. In any case, clients who need to hide a specific visit on it can consider locking the application solely by using the application’s mystery expression decision open on Android or iOS. Clients can represent the mystery of their secret WhatsApp discussions by embracing this additional security well-being measure.

How To Lock And Unlock WhatsApp Chat?

As of late communication, the WhatsApp application prohibits the ability to lock or open unequivocal discussions. Hence, people may be questionable about how to proceed on the off chance that they truly want to get or convey induction to a specific conversation.

By Using Non- Third-Party Apps:

Locker for WhatsApp Chat –Secure Secret get-together is a useful instrument that licenses you to lock and get WhatsApp talks. Clients can without a doubt lock their visits inside the application by using PINs. One of the most obvious benefits of utilizing this application is that it is thoroughly free and extremely simple to use.

Lock-Particular-Chat-In-WhatsAppMessenger and Chat Lock is one more accommodating application for safeguarding WhatsApp interchanges. This application permits you to safeguard your discussions with a PIN. It gets your talks as well as offers complete security against potential information breaks. Clients of Courier and Talk Lock can tweak their visit settings by empowering auto-lock choices. Also, this application upholds the use of various secret word types, like pictures, examples, or recordings save money on the gadget.

By Using Third-Party Apps:

Another option is GB WhatsApp, a component-rich application with various customization and protection choices. It has additional elements including adding contacts to it and conveying an internet-based toast warning for contacts. Besides, GB WhatsApp permits you to lock and open explicit talks without any problem. Go to GB WhatsApp Settings to look for the Lock Choice. From that point, you can get one explicit visit by relegating it to a four-digit secret key. Subsequently, at whatever point you open that particular discussion, you will be asked to enter the secret key for confirmation.

To build WhatsApp’s usefulness, various outsider applications, like GB WhatsApp, can be downloaded and introduced. Significantly, GB WhatsApp is likewise accessible for iOS clients, permitting them to lock WhatsApp talks and increment security.

Another choice is to utilize it In addition to accomplishing this goal. If it’s not too much trouble, follow the methods beneath to utilize the lock and open component in this application.

To proceed with locking a chat using WhatsApp Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the WhatsApp Plus application using Chrome or any other browser.
  2. Complete the installation process on your device.
  3. Open WhatsApp Plus and create an account, similar to how you would with the regular WhatsApp application.
  4. If needed, back up your chats or proceed without backing up.
  5. Choose the specific chat you wish to lock.
  6. Once selected, tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the WhatsApp Plus screen.
  7. From the drop-down menu, select “Lock Chat.“
  8. Proceed to lock the chat by setting a PIN or password of your choice.

how-to-hide-chat-in-gb-whatsappIf you wish to unlock a chat in it Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Select the chat that you want to unlock.
  2. Click on the three dots located at the top right-hand corner of the WhatsApp Plus screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “Unlock Chat.”
  4. This will unlock the chat, granting you access to its contents and removing any PIN or password previously set.


Getting your confidential messages is basic for keeping up with secrecy and security. While its authority application does exclude worked-in discussion locking highlights, there are a few outsider choices that can meet this necessity. Storage for its Talk, Courier, and Visit Lock, GB WhatsApp, and WhatsApp In addition all can lock explicit visits with PINs, passwords, or other validation techniques. Clients can oversee the security of their discussions by embracing these outsider arrangements. To get the well-being of your information, utilize a trustworthy and confided-in application from approved sources. Defending your visits gives you genuine serenity and a straightforward talking experience.

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